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~Prabuddha Biswas

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About Us

Mr. Biswas has done Postgraduation in Geology, but his keen interest in history encouraged him too much. He has also written a book on “The Making of the First Cantonment of the Indian Subcontinent in Patna, 1757-1768” and it has been published. His deep knowledge in History and Research work also encouraged him to write so many articles (more than 100).

Mr. Biswas has been a member of the editorial team of two government publications ‘Patna-A Monumental History’ (2008) & ‘Monuments of Bihar’ (2011). Both books were published by the Department of Art, Culture and Youth, Govt. of Bihar.

Presently, Mr. Biswas is keenly involved in the research work of military warfare and war strategies. He is also on an exploration of communication routes passing through Bihar during various historical periods. He has delivered several guest lectures on related issues at prestigious institutes of the state, including Patna Museum, KP Jayaswal Rsearch institute, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library and Virasat amongothers.